Top Engineering Colleges in Indore
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Top Engineering Colleges in Indore

The practice of Engineering have an unavoidable and inherent impact upon the society. For a professional engineer the conduct towards other engineers, employers, clients and public is an essential part of his life. The relationship between engineers and societies nowadays are inevitable. In the words of Waldron – Some will say that I am an academic and that I am supposed to be a scientist, but I have this craving to be an engineer.

Utilisation of scientific knowledge over the time states that some of the knowledge is immediately linked to the society, while other parts are less relevant. The engineer utilises the knowledge of Science, Mathematics, Logic and Appropriate experience in finding suitable solution to the problems of the society.

Typically, engineers predict that how their design will be according to the specification and prior to a full scale production. An engineer by utilising reasonable solution evaluate the different design and find a suitable solution that best meets the requirements for the society.

Expectations from engineering

In this Global era, rather than focusing only on India, the question that arises is – does the world need so many engineers? The answer to this would be a big  “yes”.  In fact this universe need in plenty, and well-equipped talent graduates with perfect attitude. Additionally, self employment opportunities are also in abundant for innovative, and energetic professionals.

Eligibility to pursue engineering as a career option.

To pursue engineering as a career, the aspirants must secure a good rank in the national level competitive entrance examinations held annually. Additionally, a pass in class 12th with physics, chemistry and mathematics is compulsory according to the parameters set by several institutes like IIT and other state boards. The Joint Engineering Examinations, and the All India Entrance Examinations are some of the gateways to enter into engineering courses for IIT, NIT and IIIT.

Cost of the course.

Aspirants seeking admission into different engineering course should remain prepared for highly competitive environment. Depending on the top-notch colleges and Institutions, course fee may vary ranging from 8 to 12 lacs according to specialisation in Madhya Pradesh.

Required attributes.

Wishing to become an engineer is no doubt an easy dream, but turning it into a reality involves much more challenges to be faced. Engineers are the kind of person on which greatest inventions and technology of the world depend upon, and as such to be a successful engineer one must have certain qualities such as :-

  • A person should possess strong analytical aptitude
  • A person must be dedicated and must pay meticulous attention to details.
  • Should have excellent communication skills to translate Complex technical Lingos.
  • Should keep himself abreast of the new researches and ideas taking place in the world arena.
  • A great engineer should be creative and should apply innovative ways to develop new systems.
  • One must possess the ability towards logical thinking.
  • One should be mathematically inclined, that means one should have excellent mathematical skills to intricate science which involve Complex calculation of varying difficulties.
  • One should have good problem solving skilled and should be a team player.
  • Should have excellent technical knowledge as well.

Career opportunities.

Avast field of Engineering contents large number of job opportunities, and it is divided into several categories such as –

  • Aerospace engineers – in which job relating to the study of the design development and production of air and spacecraft are available.
  • Agricultural engineer or biological engineering – offers job opportunities to develop biofuels, planning animal environment, and to find better food processing methods.
  • Automotive engineer is the field which having the most exciting, challenging and rewarding careers involving research, design and developing vehicles and their subsystems.
  • Biomedical engineer – To work with a combination of Biology, medicine and Engineering, the field has career opportunities such as – training to analyse the design and solution which improve patient care is involved.
  • Chemical engineer – utilise their knowledge to manipulate interactions between individual atoms and molecules. They generally find jobs in the sectors of new materials and numerous field of Nanotechnology, energy storage and computing.

Similarly, some other fields of Engineering include – Civil Engineering, Computer engineering, Draft & design engineering, Electrical engineering, Environmental engineering, Geological engineering, Marine Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Software engineering, Petroleum engineering, and so on.

Perks and remuneration.

Being one of the best demanding and ever-expanding field, the engineering sectors provides the national average salary to a graduate trainee engineer between rupees 3 lakhs to 5.87 lakhs per annum, according to glassdoor survey.

Top engineering colleges in Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

  • Indian Institute of Technology, Indore
  • Shri Govindram Seksaria Institute of Technology and Science, Indore
  • Malwa Institute of Technology, Indore
  • Vikrant Institute of Technology & Management, Indore

*Data gathered from Internet Medias & individual observations.

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