Top Engineering Colleges in Kolkata
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Top Engineering Colleges in Kolkata

Kolkata is known to be the hub of engineering colleges. Some of the leading colleges in engineering and technology are situated in Kolkata. Admission in some of the colleges may be a bit arduous but it’s not impossible a feat. If you put your heart to it, then nothing is as hard as it first seems. So, if you are looking for some of the best engineering colleges then there is no need for you to look outside the city and if you are from a different state and are looking to find some good colleges to study in, well, don’t worry, because you are going to have a lot more than a few good colleges.

Top engineering colleges in Kolkata:

  • Institute of Engineering & Management, Kolkata
  • Bengal Institute of Technology
  • Jadavpur University
  • Indian Statistical Institute
  • A.P.C. Roy Polytechnic
  • Heritage Institute Of Technology

*Data gathered from Internet Medias & individual observations.

Apart from the above mentioned colleges there are some other colleges as well. Please stay updated with our website for further queries.

Admission and eligibility:

Following are the exams whose scores are most widely accepted:

  1. WBJEE (West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination)
  2. JEEmains

These are the most widely accepted exams. Apart from these some universities conduct their own tests. Difficulty in acceptance varies according to the rank of the universities. It’s better to have a better rank I these entrance examinations in order to have a better prospect. Also the scores in the respective board exams of the candidates is a necessity. For most colleges a general cut-off above 75% is necessary. For some colleges the cut-off may be high and for some it may be low. This is college dependent. For more information regarding cut-offs visit the respective websites.

After the initial selection is completed, the final acceptance of candidates is based on personal interviews, but in most cases it’s the entrance examinations that matter.  Choose wisely as it’s a question of your career.


The first two semesters generally deals with what we already know which is mostly comprising of the mathematics and sciences of 10+2  level and a little bit extra. The third semester marks the introduction to the subject. Then gradually the candidates are given a thorough walk through the subjects in order to ensure that all candidates achieve a firm grip over the subject by the end of the course.

Apart from the basic core subjects, the course varies depending on the field one chooses. For example, programming should be the strong hold of a degree holder in computer science. Similarly a civil engineer should be proficient in his designing and aesthete skills.

Therefore, if you are interested , you won’t have to live it dull.

Making the correct choice:

Worrying about which college to choose? Well , the first thing that should come to your mind should be what it is that you want to do. Which particular field in Engineering piques your interest. And which are the best colleges for the particular field. Also, before selecting a particular college you should get the answers to the following questions:

  • What is the alumni record? Is it proficient?
  • Are there any provisions for internships?
  • How are the placements?
  • What is the fees structure? Is it worth?

We will be helping you in your quest and aid you in making the best choice. If you haven’t yet finished your exams I would suggest you first make your selection and then prepare accordingly. It’s better that way and it also increases your chances of success.

With that, marks the end of this article. For further queries stay updated with our website.

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