Top Media, Film & Journalism Colleges in Bhubaneswar
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Top Media, Film & Journalism Colleges in Bhubaneswar

T.V, Smartphone, Newspaper, Radio are such things without which one cannot imagine his/ her life. Especially Mobile Phones, due to internet and other technologies the youth has become addicted of Mobiles. But the role of Television and Newspaper has not decreased.

Mostly people used these things as an entertainment but the people who works in this Industry means in Entertainment Industry they looks this Industry as their Career or Profession. This is not Just the entertainment Industry , in fact it is the industry of Actors, Writers, Reporters, Singers, Politicians, etc.

Every Profession in this Modern World is Incomplete without Media.

Role of Media, Film & Journalism Course-

To attain something there are particular steps which one must follows. Example – to become a good engineer one must do engineering course i.e., B.Tech, to do good manager one should do Management Course, in a similar way for Lawyer- LLB , for Fashion Designer bachelor in fashion Designing. But what one should do to become writer, reporter, journalism, Cartoonist, editor, Associate –Editor- the answer is Bachelor in Media, films & Journalism.

This is basically a course which is gaining popularity and increasing importance in study. This is less technical but skillful and job oriented course.

Technology: – It is related to latest technology as well as related to various Computer Software like Adobe Photoshop, Editor and many more.

Skills- The course is particular designed in such a way that it covers all the skills which one must possess. It includes Communication Skills, Writing Skills, Presentation Skills, Lecture Deliver Skills, Interviewing Skills, Public Speaking Skills,etc.

Coordination and Interaction Skills – It helps to learn how to work individually and how to work as a team. It helps build coordination and interacting skills of the students.

Confidence- This is a course which can rise student’s confidence from 0 level to Top Level. From every aspect this course help students to increase or make their personalities up to that level that they can talk to any celebrity – actors, politicians, singers, dancers (anyone) with full confidence without any kind of hesitation.

New Channel- They can get a job in News Channel like Aajtak, Zee News, ABP News etc. as a Reporter.

Salary : In India, there are various popular reporters like Rajat Sharma, Sudhir Chaudhary , Deepak Chaurasia etc. are getting very good salary . They earns in Lacs or even in crores sometimes.

Good opportunity for Girls- This course is good for girls as well. Girls can build their career in this line and can make good salary in this profession.

Where the course can take you

Your advanced communications skills will equip you for a career in an expanding sector. graduates can go on to careers in TV, radio, print and digital journalism, web design, publishing, media production, marketing and public relations, advertising and copywriting, audience research and media criticism.

Course in Media, Film & Journalism Course:

Following is the list of courses one can do in Media, Film & Journalism. These are

  • Master of Journalism and Mass Communication (MJMC)
  • Professional Diploma in Digital Media Technology
  • Certificate Course in Audio & Video Editing
  • Advance Diploma in Mass Communication
  • Professional Diploma in Mass Communication
  • Master in Journalism & Mass Communication (MJMC)
  • Master of Arts in Advertising and public Relations
  • Bachelor of Film and Television production (BFTP)
  • Certificate Programme – Filmmaking Foundation

Top Media, Film & Journalism Colleges in Bhubaneswar

Following is the name of colleges providing Courses in Media, Film and Journalism are-

  • Sambad School of Media and Culture
  • Institute Of Media Studies (IMS)
  • Sambad School of Media and Culture
  • Institute of Digital Media Technology
  • WLCI College, Bhubaneswar

*Data gathered from Internet Medias & individual observations.

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