Top Science Colleges in Karnataka
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Top Science Colleges in Karnataka

Science Colleges in Karnataka are under the management of many Universities. These colleges are accredited under the National Assessment and Accreditation Council with A Grade. Many top colleges are ranked among the private universities in India. The university offers both national and international recognized undergraduate, research and postgraduate programmes in academic disciplines in science subjects. It offers professional courses in field including physics, chemistry, applied sciences, mathematics, and computer applications.

Mission & Vision

To participate in national’s march towards a knowledge society by nurturing sound value systems and intellectual growth in students through science education

To realize the ennobling and empowering aims of education through research and scientific knowledge by providing excellent learning environment with emphasis on values


Colleges in Karnataka offers undergraduate, postgraduate, research, diploma and certificate programmes in academic disciplines classified under the school of science and education like: physics, chemistry, mathematics, biotechnology, botany, zoology, computer applications, statistics, etc.

The universities comprises of various programmes during the 3 years of undergraduate studies and 2 years of postgraduate studies. Students have to choose the honors subjects as one of their main subject to undergo the complete studies. Apart from honors there are also general subjects chosen without having to choose the main subjects and student can undergo this education simply under core subjects of learning. Students are given with assignment every semester wise and asked to report with project work within the end of the final semester. The colleges conducts viva, practical exams which can be reported under the certificate and added in the main session of exams.


Library- there are libraries in the city campus which comprises of knowledge centre and main library. This spreads across the floors of the central blocks. University library stacks contains thousands of libraries which also include reports, journals, reference books al subject related. The library is run by the dedicated library assistance and several full time librarians and the library database is completely digitalized and managed through hardcore softwares.

Transportation- Colleges in Karnataka have their own fleet o buses for the benefit of the students. The public transport services are within close reach to make commuting simple who come from various parts or nearby and far areas.

Training & Development

Internships at Science Colleges in Karnataka renders experience to those who seek for relevant skills and knowledge to enter into specific career field. Training and development are relatively short-term in nature with primary focus to get some on job training and take what’s learned in class-room and apply those to real-world situation. These teaching generally have a range of various settings and industries and can be paid, unpaid or partially paid.

Benefits of doing an Internship-

Career exploration

Learn about career field from inside and decide if this is right career

Work alongside a professional in chosen field of study

Observe workplace and see it its matches your expectations

Learn new skills and add to your knowledge and gain confidence in ability

Opportunity to practice teamwork and communication skills

Gain industry knowledge first hand from an professional and organizations

List of Top Science Colleges in Karnataka

The list of Top Science Colleges in Karnataka is numbered here under. Browse to find the information in detail of each college and choose out from the list the best suitable for your future aims and goals

  • Garden City College  
  • Mangalore University
  • Mount Carmel College, Bangalore  
  • Oxford College of Science  
  • St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore  

*Data gathered from Internet Medias & individual observations.

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