Top Science Colleges in Odisha
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Top Science Colleges in Odisha

Finding top science colleges in Odisha is never a hassle issue. Science colleges in Odisha offer courses in various subjects such as Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Statistics, etc. Colleges like Institute of Physics Bhubaneswar, ABIT junior college, Cuttack (web), Akash Institute’s plus 2 science colleges, Bhubaneswar, Apex Institute of Science, Bhubaneswar, Basic Science College of OUAT, Bhubaneswar (govt.) are among the top science colleges in Odisha. Meritbud team has made a list of those science colleges on the basis of various parameters. These parameter decide the ranking based on college infrastructure, accreditation/affiliation, programmes offered by institutes, institute fees, institute brand name, placements, quality of the faculty, quality of the students and many more. We have made best efforts to provide accurate information and has compiled out of various authentic sources.

Mission & Vision

  • To develop University into a centre of excellence in higher studies by promoting quality research and teaching.
  • Provide opportunity to women to gain employment by training in professional skills.
  • Foster leadership qualities along with social responsibility.
  • Provide quality education for holistic development and create an environment for empowerment.
  • Strengthen representation and visibility voice for student in all fields
  • Cater jobs for eligible students through employment and expand their participation in nation building.

Fee Structure

Each individual Institution/University or state government determines the fee structure. Every year there might be some change in the tuition fee structure and also introduced fees for the development of college, or modified the fees for library, laboratories, etc. These are paid annually at the time of admission or readmission. Various types of fees associated under college fees include admission fees, tuition fees, exam fee, practical, maintenance, hostel room fee, breakfast/lunch/dinner-fees.

Infrastructure & Facilities

Every college is known for its commendable infrastructure; with classrooms, galleries, halls, lush green garden, campus, laboratories, library, etc. Well known colleges have well equipped laboratories and adequate for students. Time table are arranged of classes to conduct various academic programmes and these are adjusted in a way for infrastructure to be optimally used. Colleges must have a definite sprawling playground for students to play and to cater both indoor and outdoor games and sports requirement like sports complex.

When it comes to optimize college facility there are numerous things to consider from. It is good to have a post office on the campus besides a canteen. It is even good to organize NCC for both men/women, air wing or army wing and NSS (boys & girls). There are physics lab, chemistry lab, biology labs and e-laboratories where number of student can make practical usage of their practice and attain knowledge to develop and grow in subject by working properly inside the laboratories.

In Odisha the colleges have an impressive Alumni Association which meets annually. This counts as a major strength for colleges since those alumni has assisted the Institution to promote excellence in large scale. After a college gets its autonomy it shows remarkable process & development in every respect. It start too acts by revising existing curricular thus introducing new and challenging subjects for learning.  


After 12th when a student get sits entry for graduation, he/she is entitled to choose honours and their primary subjects. This projects the frame of student that student should aim for this subject as main. Therefore there are honours subjects, general and major elective subjects. Honours subjects can include Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science, Botany/Zoology, Biotechnology, Anthropology, etc. And as such also the general and major elective subjects likewise.

Activities & Practices

  • Induction Meeting- Freshers are accorded and welcomed prior to each session for inculcating a sense of responsibility & duty within them. As such the rules and regulations, hostel facilities, examination system and academic schedule are explained to them.
  • Dress Code- Both staff and student should follow uniform dress code.
  • Personal resume of teachers- The teachers of the college record personal curricular, extracurricular resume activities on day to day basis and monitor those activities.
  • Weekly Seminars- Every department holds weekly seminars. Sometimes NCC, NSS are also been conducted to test the skills of students and drive flexibility over activities and curriculum.
  • Professors Club- This means to invite eminent personalities to exchange ideas on academic and intellectual topics. It also spares to organize get together programmes, annual drama, picnics, and competition for teaching staffs to develop a sense of brotherliness and unity.
  • Academic Calendar- The academic calendar provides the student at session front and makes them aware of exams and teaching schedules of different courses.
  • Alumni Association- This takes keen interest in infrastructure, academic and all round development of the institution. It also awards former teachers and students excelling in activities, academics, and sports and other.


Change is inevitable in this modernistic and dynamic world. There is constant need for learning and relearning. Colleges in Odisha not only provide deep knowledge of path through experienced academicians but also create a positive & conducive environment to equip them with skills. Through T&P Cell they furnish talented science professional and these individual get selected through training and grooming as per current industry requirement. There are mentoring sessions that institutionalizes to counsel students on key attitude so that they would focus to become effective leaders in market structure. Many renowned and learned experts entrepreneurs target to visit the colleges and share enrich experience and interact to provide various tips that suit present day needs of PSUs and MNCs.

Top Science Colleges in Odisha

  • Basic Science College of OUAT, Bhubaneswar (govt.)
  • BJB Autonomous College
  • Institute of Physics Bhubaneswar
  • Khallikote College, Berhampur
  • Rama Devi Women Junior College
  • Ravenshaw Junior College, Cuttack

*Data gathered from Internet Medias & individual observations.

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